Good Friends, Good Times, Great Cigars

Discover the Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge – more than just a mobile venue, it’s an experience of luxury and personality. Crafted for indulgence and connection, this elegant space elevates any celebration. It’s where relaxation, shared passions, and memorable moments blend in an atmosphere of enjoyment and camaraderie.


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Welcome to Bon Vie

Cigar enthusiasts from Maryland to Florida, experience the pinnacle of luxury with Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge. Tailored to your events, our sophisticated lounge brings unparalleled cigar enjoyment directly to you, spanning the East Coast.

Rooted in North Carolina’s elegance, we’re just a call away from elevating your gatherings, from the Mid-Atlantic to the Southeast.

Seeing is Believing

“The lounge is comfortable and inviting.” ~Don

Step into our world with a captivating video slideshow that showcases the unique features of the Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge. Experience a glimpse of luxury, comfort, and style that awaits you. Click to discover what makes our mobile lounge a one-of-a-kind experience.

At Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, we are thrilled to explore partnerships with:

Local Bars and Clubs | Concert Venues, Sporting Venues, and Event Center Facilities
Luxury Automotive Dealerships | Retail Clothing Stores

Join us in creating unforgettable Customer Appreciation events that leave a lasting impression. Our lounge is the perfect addition to enhance these experiences with luxury and exclusivity. Additionally, we are available for a variety of celebratory occasions, including Tailgating, Birthdays, Retirements, and other special events. Let’s make every gathering a memorable celebration!


What People are Saying

“What a Unique Idea. The First of its kind in the Raleigh area.”

–Keith T.

“Fabulous décor and comfy interior. Was surprised to see the lounge was equipped with an onboard bathroom.”


“A nice selection of cigars, and the air ventilation was superb.”


Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, LLC

7011 Great Wagon RD #365
Lewisville NC, 27023
[email protected]

✯ Veteran Owned & Operated