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Frequently Asked Questions

 How many guests does the Cigar Lounge accommodate?
We will entertain an intimate group of 4 guests to more than 10,000 attendees at a 3-day golf tournament. Our lounge is designed to be a free-flowing casual experience, invitees may come and go at their leisure for the duration of your event. At any moment, as many as 12 guests can be comfortably seated inside the lounge. 12 more can relax in our covered Lorraine’s Lounge seating on our outdoor patio if you choose to have that option.

Can I smoke in the mobile lounge?
Absolutely…Cigars Only. We do not allow cigarettes, e-cigs, CBD, marijuana, cannabis, or any illegal substance in the lounge vehicle or patio area.

Can to Bon Vie MCL be used for non -smoking events?
Certainly! The lounge can be used for non-smoking events as well. Our customer air ventilation and our air purification systems run quietly during every event.

Do I need to supply power at my event location?
No. We are fully self-powered with a whisper-quiet generator, allowing us to be a seamless part of nearly any venue or destination.

How do you charge?
Our events begin with a 4-hour minimum up to week-long events. Call or email us to discuss options that will best serve you.

Do you work with sponsors?
Yes. Do you have a company that wants to sponsor the Lounge at your event? We offer signage options for the Lounge’s exterior windows and prominent displays of the sponsor’s products or services inside the vehicle and within our outdoor patio area.

Does the Lounge have bathroom facilities?
Yes. We have a fully operating bathroom onboard with a state-of-the-art RV toilet and sink.

Does the lounge serve alcohol?
No. Clients are welcomed to bring their own spirits or even share their personal humidor during their event.

Should I bring my own cigar?
You are welcome to bring your favorite cigars to the lounge. We will have torch lighters, punchers and cutter for your convenience. The lounge will also stock a nice selection of cigars for sale as well, ranging from mild- to full-bodied.

Is the air clear to breathe on the lounge or is it very smoky?
The bus is equipped with a special air ventilation/circulation system.  An air purification system (Rabbit Air) has been added that continually improves air quality.

Where can I find your event schedule?
For our Current Event Calendar visit: https://www.facebook.com/BonVieMCL/events/?ref=page_internal