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Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge – A Veteran-Owned Emblem of Luxury and Sophistication

Welcome to Bon Vie, a 32-foot custom motorcoach lounge that epitomizes luxury and refinement, proudly veteran-owned and operated. Our indoor seating accommodates 10-12 persons, featuring sumptuous leather seating and elegant interior décor, accentuated by a VIP Red Carpet entrance. Indulge in our top-notch entertainment facilities, including a 42” TV screen with Satellite TV and a Pioneer audio system. For your convenience, the lounge is outfitted with an onboard bathroom, multiple USB ports for complimentary cell phone charging, and state-of-the-art air ventilation and purification systems. We provide custom ashtrays, tabletop torch lighters, punchers, and cutters for an exquisite cigar experience.

Guest Requirements: Must be 21 years of age or older.

Events at Bon Vie are enhanced by our knowledgeable Tobacconists and Cigaristas who assist guests with cigar selection, cutting, lighting, and provide answers to any cigar-related questions, ensuring a memorable experience. Packages start at $250/hour (4-hour minimum).

Ms. Blanch’s Lounge offers an additional outdoor seating option for 12 guests. This 10 x 20-foot covered and carpeted patio area is outfitted with comfortable lounge furnishings, ideal for enjoying a cigar in the open air.

As a veteran-owned small business, Bon Vie is committed to excellence and dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience. We are actively seeking partnerships with Local Corporations, Bars, Clubs, Concert and Sporting Venues, Event Centers, Luxury Automobile Dealerships, and Retail Cigar Stores for regular Customer Appreciation events. Our mobile lounge is perfect for corporate functions, product promotions, trade shows, team building, fundraising, and a variety of celebratory events such as tailgating, birthdays, and retirements.

Experience the Good Life with Bon Vie. Contact us to book our services or explore partnership opportunities, and bring a touch of veteran-led sophistication to your next event.


Meet our Tobacconist and Cigar Event Coordinator:


With an impressive years of experience as a cigar connoisseur, Willie L. Davis stands at the helm of our cigar expertise as the principal tobacconist and cigar event planner at Bon Vie. His journey in the world of cigars is complemented by a substantial 42-year career, with 29 years dedicated to the military and an additional 13 in government service. This extensive background has finely honed his skills in organization, event planning, and public engagement.

Willie’s passion for cigars traces back to a memorable moment in 1996 during a golf game in Hawaii with seasoned gentlemen. Despite knowing little about cigars at the time, he was eager to learn. As mosquitoes buzzed around, one of the gentlemen shared a valuable insight: “Do you know why we smoke cigars? It’s to keep the insects away.” This revelation stayed with Willie, and he began carrying a cigar with him on his golfing journeys across Asia.

Over the years, his taste for cigars grew from practicality to flavor, but it wasn’t just about the flavor; it was about the quality time spent with dear friends, conversations with his brothers and sisters, and the moments that make life special. Life taught him to cherish every minute. For Willie, his passion for good cigars isn’t just a profession; it’s a way of life that he enthusiastically shares with every guest, offering insights, recommendations, and stories that enhance the cigar experience. Willie’s love for family time and making new friends not only reflects his vibrant personality but also enriches the events he coordinates, bringing a sense of warmth and community to every gathering.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of cigars, Willie’s expertise and welcoming demeanor ensure an unforgettable experience at every Bon Vie event.


Catch the Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge Around Town!

Keep an eye out for the luxurious Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge as it travels through your neighborhood! Feel the excitement of spotting our elegant motorcoach and seize the opportunity to learn more about the ultimate cigar experience we offer.

When you see us, don’t hesitate to stop by and ask about the Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge. As a special thank-you, we’ll give you an exclusive coupon for your first completed event booking. It’s our way of welcoming you into the Bon Vie family.

Curious about where to find us next? Follow our journey and get real-time updates on our social media channels. Come, join the Good Life with Bon Vie, and elevate your celebrations to a new level of sophistication.


At Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, we’re dedicated to enhancing life’s moments through our curated products and services. While we celebrate the rich experiences that cigars bring, we’re equally conscious of the health risks associated with tobacco and smoking. As committed stewards of health and enjoyment, we advocate for and practice responsible consumption. Our efforts extend to educating our community on the nuances of cigar enjoyment, ensuring a balance between pleasure and well-being. In our role as a responsible corporate citizen, we actively engage in and support community health initiatives, demonstrating our respect for both smokers and non-smokers alike. At Bon Vie, we’re not just about providing exceptional experiences; we’re about evolving responsibly, keeping health, safety, and community at the forefront of what we do.



At Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, our promise extends beyond superior customer service; it encompasses a deep commitment to responsible and ethical service. Our policy on age restriction is straightforward and non-negotiable: We do not sell to minors, under any circumstances.

To reinforce this commitment, our lounge and patio area are exclusive to individuals aged 21 and above. Minors are permitted only when accompanied by an adult guardian who is of legal smoking age. This is to ensure a responsible and safe environment for all our guests.

Our staff is trained to ask for identification from anyone who appears to be age 30 or under. This rigorous ID verification process is a critical step in preventing tobacco sales to minors and is a standard practice in our industry. By implementing these measures, we aim to uphold our responsibility to our neighbors and the broader community. Additionally, we offer educational materials on responsible smoking, emphasizing our dedication to not just serving our customers, but also educating and safeguarding our community.


Bon Vie Mobile Cigar Lounge, LLC

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